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by The Beanibeings®

Volume 2 – Greetings from the Beanibeings: AmeriCanamals! | North American Wildlife Picture Book

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Greetings from the Beanibeings: AmeriCanamals!(Ah – meh – ruh – kah – nuh – muhlz)—is the second volume of this 7-book picture book series that takes place in Canada and the United States. This vibrant, 52-page book features North American Beanibeings ranging from a burly bison to a snazzy skunk. Greetings from the Beanibeings: AmeriCanamals! is chock-full of 40 lively Beanibeings with fantastical tales to share! Coming hot off the heels of the Afrocanamals, get ready to fall in love with the phenomenal AmeriCanamals!


Ages 6 – 106!

Written and illustrated by Monique "Momo" Givens.

ISBN: 979-8-9878099-2-1 (Hardcover)

Language: English


Product details
  • Volume 2
  • 11.69" x 8.27"
  • 52 pages filled with 40 vibrant, colorful characters unlike any other
  • A visual encyclopedic-anthology featuring characters inspired by the wildlife of North America
  • Rhythmic, first person narratives
  • Glossy, embossed covers that are fun and inviting


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