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About the Beanibeings® – Wildlife Reimagined!

“We are beaniness meets wilderness—

a mixture of so many things.

Allow us to introduce ourselves . . .

we are . . . The Beanibeings!”

The Beanibeings® is an out-of-the-box brand that features fun-loving characters inspired by the diverse wildlife of our world, as well as iconic, mainstream cultural aesthetics from the lands they hail from.

Originally created by Monique “Momo” Givens, The Beanibeings® came into being due to her love of animals, design, and wordplay–with a “Momo magic” twist!

Greetings from the Beanibeings™the one-of-a-kind encyclopedic-anthology picture book serieslays the groundwork for blasting these colorful and lively characters into the public eye! The upbeat and lighthearted nature of the book series offers readers of all ages a unique reading experience, which is captured beautifully through imaginative visuals and expressive rhymes, with some real- world facts sprinkled in between!

Our books inspire newfound love and appreciation for the animal kingdom, word play, vocabulary, as well as cultural imagery. From cover to cover, readers will become immersed in the wondrous world of the Beanibeings®!

Now, why stop there? From the book series, the Beanibeings® come to life in numerous ways – one in particular being iconic, 'un-bean-lievable' stuffed animals!

Our premium stuffed animals are crafted with great care to ensure high quality final products for the world to enjoy! And we take great pride in pushing the boundaries of plush/stuffed animal products to keep innovation and the spirit of stuffed toys alive and well!

All in all, as you navigate our site, you’ll notice that the Beanibeings® are beyond compare, thanks to Momo’s clever and wild imagination! Through countless hours of researching wildlife, cultural aesthetics, oodles of words, rhymes, and synonyms, Momo was able to hit that glorious sweet spot of mashing all of these elements together to bring something fresh and bold to the table! So, who’s ready to dig in?


"Get ready to have a ton of fun

for your 'beanevolent' journey has only begun!"