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Greetings from the Beanibeings: Afrocanamals!

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Rating: 5 Stars

A perfect picture and story book for your toddlers to keep them engaged and improve their imagination along with creativity with this book. This book is the 1st volume among the Beancyclopedia Series.

It's a little unusual to see such Neo introduction of a children's book. I mean right when you think people have run out of imagination, Beanibeings came out of nowhere.

The Beanibeings: Afrocanamals, introduces animals and birds reimagined and recreated for the purpose of entertaining children and helping them learn about the origin, species, region, habitat, qualities and categories of the dwellers of Africa.

It's a fun, and I must say, creative way to introduce children to the world of animals without them getting bored. They do say children learn better when they are surrounded with colors and creativity which increases their interests and curiosity with new ways of learning.

Thank you Momo, for this colorful and fun book. I have gifted this book to my nieces, and am eagerly waiting for the other volumes as well. I proudly admit that I had fun when I read this book for my 4 and 6 year old nieces – it was knowledgeable for me as well. There were so many things that I didn't know about animals either.


Ruby is Reading

Rating: 5 Stars

I had no idea what this book contained when I first bought it. It was full of colors and some strange looking animals that caught my eye instantly. I didn't know if the kids would even like it – but I also didn't know that they would fall in love with it.

Yes, this book is very interesting and informative. I got to teach them about animals which they wouldn't learn from watching cartoons on television, or from teachers in school either. They were fascinated by the types of animals and birds that exist – that of which they had no idea about the many details related to them.

I am fascinated with the author's creativity and imagination power. Moreover, there are other volumes on the way as well. I liked how they were different colors. And for each animal there was this short story – like a melodic children's poem – so they don't forget what they've learned, which also prevented them from losing interest. They did ask me some of the craziest questions that made me laugh and fond of their innocence and curiosity.

This book is an absolute blessing, and it helped keep the children away from the phone all day. Thank you Momo for your amazing work. It felt like you have experience with children; that's how you knew what you had to work on.

I am looking forward to purchasing the next volume as well.


Bookmark on the Table

Wow, is the one word I would use to describe this incredible children's book.

As the name suggests, this book is about the animals, which includes birds, of Africa. The book has separate sections for each different category of animals – like mammals in one chapter, canines in another, birds in another, and so on.

It's very difficult to put into words how unique and vibrant the book is. My daughter absolutely squealed with laughter and joy when I read out loud about any animal.

So, each animal is covered on one page in a song/poem format, and it's so catchy. One can sing them, read them, and even dance while reading this book.

All the animals are covered from known – elephant, cheetah, camel, lion – to the not so known animals as well. Readers young or old will definitely gain a lot of knowledge in a fun way while reading the book.

The illustrations are so catchy that it increases the child's enthusiasm to read every page of this amazing book.

I absolutely loved the book.


Lost in Fictional World

This book is filled with rhymes about Afrocanamals. We get to meet a different animal friend with the turn of every page. It opens a world of wonder and awe for children, and is great for early learning.

It's fun, entertaining, and eye pleasing with vividly painted pictures of animals that ignite imagination. The short rhymes with a pinch of humor will keep young readers' attention.

I feel the author has done a great job presenting information about animals in an appealing way, with catchy rhymes and art work making it a really good book for a child to develop literary skills.

The highlight of the book is the burst of colors. The way the characters are painted make the reading experience whimsy and fun!


Shweta Sinha – Book Blogger


Greetings from the Beanibeings: Afrocanamals! is a perfect book for toddlers with an amazing collection of pictures and stories. This book is the first volume of the Beancyclopedia series.

I must say the book is quite fun and knowledgeable – a creative way to introduce little champs to the world of animals and birds. The colorful pictures of the strange animals and birds with short stories in the form of poetry easily draws the attention of kids. With these kinds of books, children will not only learn new things, but they will also entertain themselves.

The book is like a companion for kids. Most importantly, the book helps children to stay away from television and mobile phones. Greetings from the Beanibeings: Afrocanamals! also helps children learn and grow at the same time.

Thanks to the author for introducing such an amazing book for little ones :)


Pallavi Sinha – Book Blogger

Greetings from the Beanibeings: Afrocanamals! is an ideal book for little ones out there. It is the first volume of the Beancyclopedia series.

Going through it was total fun and it gave me pure nostalgia. The book contains amazing illustrations which makes it more interesting. The content of the book is rich in knowledge and is quite unique – which will surely amaze kids.

The way the author has presented everything is truly appealing and thoughtful.

I found the book quite helpful and it gives a very vibrant vibe. All in all, it was quite engaging, and at the same time, quite unique. While going through it, one will surely be lost in the world of Afrocanamals.

Go for it, if you want to surprise your child with something exciting and insightful.


Elusive Ell – Book Reviewer

Initially, not really my cup of tea . . . but this book is so adventurous. I surprisingly had so much fun while reading it.

Though it is a children's book, it did not fail to entertain me.

Such an engaging book. A must read for children out there. I would definitely recommend this to my brother.

The book is crafted so well and perfect . . . do check it out.


Greetings from the Beanibeings: Waiinimals! 

Reviewed by Amy R. for Readers' Favorite – 5 Star Review

Greetings from the Beanibeings: Waiinimals! is written and illustrated by Momo Givens. The animals that live and thrive on and around the islands of Hawaii are spectacular creatures to behold. Lavanessa the Veiled Chameleon and Pierce the Jackson’s Chameleon are masters of disguise, and they love to show off their natural ability to change colors. Shoalyssa the Ribbon Eel loves to dance in her lagoon. Lisle the Hawaiian Lionfish with his spines, enjoys being a bodyguard for the reef. Reefus the Mahi Mahi can’t resist a game of tug-of-war with the local seaweed. Submaureena the Hammerhead loves to dance through the water with a tune of her own. Oceaniece is a Pilot Whale who loves to escort others to their destinations.

Greetings from the Beanibeings: Waiinimals! allows children to explore the different animals that dance and play around the Hawaiian Islands. They can learn about several different species that live on the land, those that swim in the ocean, and others that spend their time in the reefs. I love how each page displays a different animal with a personalized story that helps the reader to learn a little bit more about the creature. The illustrations are bright and colorful and give young readers a great idea of what each animal looks like. I recommend this book by Momo Givens to children that love to read and learn about the animals that live in distant locations. This book is amusing, entertaining, and educational, and I can’t wait to see where Givens will travel next!


Greetings from the Beanibeings: Latinimals! 

Reviewed by Amy R. for Readers' Favorite – 5 Star Review

Greetings from the Beanibeings: Latinimals! is a children's story written and illustrated by Momo Givens. Many animals live in Central and South America that have unusual and interesting characteristics. Some are soft and silly, some are loud and proud, and others prefer solitude and silence. There’s SalvAdore the Harpy Eagle, who is an apex predator and the star of the party, and Elagancia the Electric Eel, who doesn’t dance because she doesn’t want to sting anyone accidentally. Meet Hooraycio the Mata Mata Turtle, who loves to squirt water at his friends, Reptulio the Plumed Basilisk that can run across ripples of water, and many more animals with their unique quirks. Learn about birds, reptiles, and other species that live in exotic and tropical regions, and hang on tight because there’s never a dull moment in the animal kingdom.

There are three separate chapters with a different animal on every page, each featuring a unique personality and perspective to add to the story. The beautiful illustrations and story-style descriptions of each animal will have children eager to turn the pages and learn about the next animal. I love the light, conversational tone of the writing that makes it feel as if you are meeting a new circle of friends in every chapter. This talented author has done some serious homework to deliver accurate and educational information. I recommend Greetings from the Beanibeings: Latinimals! by Momo Givens to young children of a learning age. I can’t wait to see what location this author decides to explore next.