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by The Beanibeings®

Volume 3 – Greetings from the Beanibeings: Waiinimals! | Hawaiian Wildlife Picture Book

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Would you like to meet the "King of the Seas"? Are you curious of the origin of sandy beach scenes? Well, look no further than Greetings from the Beanibeings: Waiinimals!—(Why – nuh – muhlz). This is the third volume of the Greetings from the Beanibeings picture book series—continuing the journey from the Afrocanamals (Volume 1), and the AmeriCanamals (Volume 2). Greetings from the Beanibeings: Waiinimals! is a 'fintastic', 42-page book that features 26 stunning Hawaiian Beanibeings ranging from a fiery shark to a wiggly eel! You'll have a whale of a time as you read through this book—from cover to cover, you'll surely get hooked!

Ages 6 – 106!

Written and illustrated by Monique "Momo" Givens.
ISBN: 979-8-9878099-4-5 (Hardcover)

Language: English

Product details
  • Volume 3
  • 11.69" x 8.27"
  • 42 pages filled with 26 vibrant, colorful characters unlike any other
  • A visual encyclopedic-anthology featuring characters inspired by the wildlife of Hawaii
  • Rhythmic, first person narratives
  • Glossy, embossed covers that are fun and inviting



Awards and Accolades: 

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

 "I love how each page displays a different animal with a personalized story that helps the reader to learn a little bit more about the creature. I recommend this book by Momo Givens to children that love to read and learn about the animals that live in distant locations. This book is amusing, entertaining, and educational, and I can't wait to see where Givens will travel next!" Click to read more

- Reviewed by Amy R. for Readers' Favorite


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